The New York Mets are on a historic tear and ESPN's Buster Olney gave his view of the one moment we can all point to. 

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"It’s got to be Wilmer Flores, right?" said Olney, with "Armen and Levack". "Isn’t that the moment when everything kind of turned?  When he has tears in his eyes and he thought he was going to be traded and then they keep him and then he hits the walk off homerun two days later.

Because after that, and it wasn’t only because of Wilmer Flores playing better, but also all of the guys they got in trades and all the moves they made.  From that point on, they were a tremendous team and it seems like they’re just getting better and better and better."

Of course, it's also hard to bring up any topic of this year's post-season and not reference a certain individual:

"And my goodness, I mean Daniel Murphy, we just haven’t, what he is doing is absolutely unprecedented and there was a great stat that was sent out today by ESPN’s stats and info, and Levack you can appreciate this certainly better than I can in terms of the shear craziness of this number, so far in the post season Daniel Murphy number has swung and missed 12 times and he has 9 extra base hits. Twelve missed swings, 9 extra base hits, 7 homeruns, those numbers are impossible.

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