Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets fans in the Albany area all know that this part of the country is one of the most interesting in terms of baseball fanhood. Being close to both Boston and New York City, it is common to find fans of all three teams everywhere you look. Unfortunately, that also means putting up with the fans of the two teams that you don't root for and, man, can these three fan bases be insufferable.

First you have Yankees fans who, no matter what happens, feel the need to point to their team's 27 World Series championships, most of which these fans weren't even alive for. While the Yankees were getting demolished at the hands of the Detroit Tigers in last year's American League Championship Series, you surely heard a lot of this.

Yankees fans are also so used to their front office spending amounts of money that not even Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies could dream up in order to remain in contention every year, which leads to Yankees fans treating a down year like the apocalypse.

Meanwhile, the Blue Jays just spent a ridiculous sum of money to try and contend in the AL East, and their fans have probably already resigned to the fact that they are going to finish at .500 like they do every year. The sense of entitlement with Yankees fans is disgusting.

In addition, if I have to hear one more Yankees fan complain about the dimensions of Fenway Park while staying quiet about the fact that bunts leave Yankee Stadium if they're aimed towards right field, I'm going to lose it.

Also, if Yankees fans could just stop pretending that just because the Yankees used to have clutch hitters that the current roster will always put together an 11 run ninth inning rally, that'd be great. The entire roster with the exception of Derek Jeter currently has a team batting average of -.128 in the playoffs. The percentages indicate that these are not the old, mystique and aura Yankees anymore.

(NOTE: I am one of the people responsible for this, because I am an entitled Yankees fan who points to the club's history at every opportunity while expecting 11 run ninth inning rallies in playoff games while hating on Fenway Park. Sue me.)

Then you have Mets fans, who are awful to deal with in their own right.

Allow me give you an approximate breakdown, step by step, of every Mets season since their National League Championship Series appearance in 2006, which ended with Adam Wainwright going all Mortal Kombat on Carlos Beltran and freezing him, Sub Zero style.

  1. Mets pay lots of money for one free agent, fans FREAK OUT and predict a pennant.
  2. Team gets off to solid start, fans brag about pennant prediction.
  3. Star free agent gets hurt, fans claim that the Mets' strong farm system will keep them afloat.
  4. Team begins free fall, fans say that they will get it turned around.
  5. One young pitcher pitches well a few times, fans say "I TOLD YOU WE'D TURN IT AROUND!"
  6. Mets don't turn it around, go 72-90, fans say there's always next year.

This year, the Mets didn't even bring in a pricey free agent. They have pretty much conceded that they are just saving money and preparing for another 72-90 season. However, that won't stop Mets fans from getting really excited when the team starts the season 2-1, because YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!

Finally, you have Boston Red Sox fans. These are the fans that LOVE pointing out that numerous Yankees players were, and still may be, implicated in Major League Baseball's steroid era, all while casually ignoring the fact that Boston's two titles since 1918 were won thanks to two players (Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz) who tested positive for steroids. In no way is that a hypocritical stance.

Red Sox fans also love to point out the fact that their team's beloved ballpark, Fenway Park, is a pristine monument to the game of baseball when, in reality, it is an outdated dump that needs to be torn down. Seriously, ballparks have restaurants and clubs and museums and stuff now. Fenway Park just has a big, ugly wall.

Also, just like Yankees fans, Red Sox fans love to whine about the dimensions of Yankee Stadium, yet won't say a word about the fact that the Green Monster is the biggest competitive advantage in all of sports. It makes Marco Scutaro look like a competent human, and that's a problem.

So which baseball fans in the Albany area are the worst? Take our poll and let us know, and don't forget to keep the debate going in the comments section below.