Blake Griffin suffered an injury on Sunday night that wasn't exactly appetizing.  The reaction by NBA referee Joey Crawford was hilarious.

Blake Griffin collided with Manu Ginobili on Sunday night (video below).  Both players were running after a loose ball when the collision took place.  Blake Griffin went down to the floor in pain.  Griffin had to get stitches on the inside and the outside of his mouth.  Yikes!  I'm not exactly a medical expert, but stitches in multiple places for one injury is never a good thing.

Los Angeles Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro explained the injury to NBA referee Joey Crawford.  The dialogue between the two was hilarious.  Del Negro said, "Hey, Joe.  His tooth went through his lip."  Joey Crawford replied by simply saying, "Oh, okay."  Crawford replied in a "no-big-whoop" manner.  It's almost as if Joey Crawford wouldn't have blinked twice if Del Negro said, "Hey, Joe.  We might have to amputate his left leg."  Gotta love it.

The San Antonio Spurs beat the Los Angeles Clippers 102-99 on Sunday night.  They clinched the series with a four-game sweep.  They'll face the winner of the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Lakers series in the Western Conference Finals.  Oak City leads the series 3-1.

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