The University at Albany men's basketball team's fantastic run on the court ended abruptly with the loss in the NCAA tournament last week to the Oklahoma Sooners.  That loss could also mean an end of an era for Albany basketball.

Credit: Kirk Irwin, Getty Images Sport

Head coach Will Brown is, and will be, a hot commodity for a number of other schools in search of a head coach.  Rumors are swirling about interest from other schools, such as, George Mason and Fordham, the latter being where Brown interviewed earlier this week for the same position.

Dick Vitale joined Armen and Levack on Thursday to discuss the possibility of Brown leaving UAlbany.

"I hope he does," Vitale said, "He's really done a great job in Albany, but you can't blame a guy who is a hot item right now.  He's done a phenomenal job up there and if somebody can take care of themselves financially, you can't blame them for moving on," Vitale said.

Brown has built himself one of the most consistent mid-major programs in the country as the Great Danes have made the NCAA tournament in each of the last three seasons and are expected to make another run for a chance to play in the tourney next season as well.

"Everybody wants instant gratification, so you know what's happening right now?  Guys are getting fired all over the country," Vitale said, "Guys are getting the axe.  I hope they don't come to TV and take my job!"

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