The NHL this season adapted a new three-on-three approach in overtime. What does ESPN's Barry Melrose think of the new operation?

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"I love it," Melrose told "Armen and Levack", on the ESPN Campus. "I like shootouts, too. I have no problem with the shootout but the three-on-three was designed to not have shoot-outs.

"Four-on-four was a good idea to start but the coaches became so good at developing a system and it became a chess match with hardly any scoring chances and nobody moving.

"It’s just been fantastic right now. I know that some of the players are complaining about it but I love watching it. That’s all I go by, if I love watching it and the fans love watching it, I think the NHL has to worry about. I think that’s why you do things in pro sports, the fans have to like it, and they do like the three-on-three."