The Miami Heat finally began to assert their will in the NBA Finals during a 33-5 run that spanned the third and fourth quarters. The run gave them the first double digit lead for either team in the Finals so far. LeBron James, despite having a weak offensive game, punctuated the run with this violent block on a Tiago Splitter dunk attempt.

The block was similar to Roy Hibbert's block of Carmelo Anthony in Game Six of the Eastern Conference Finals, with the key difference being LeBron's superior strength, which changes his objective from simply diverting the ball from the basket to swatting the ball so hard that it flies back at Splitter, shattering his self-esteem upon impact.

After preening for the cameras for a moment after the block, LeBron made his way back into the ensuing offensive possession, hitting Ray Allen for a three to give the Heat a 24 point lead.

The scariest part of Game Two for the Spurs has to be the fact that the Heat can be that dominant if their role players perform up to par.

The second scariest part of Game Two? Watching Tiago Splitter's very being be eaten alive on national television.

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