To say that the Chicago Bulls had a crappy night last night would be an understatement. They shot 25% from the field and had 42 points after three quarters, less than the Miami Heat had at halftime. Joel Anthony PLAYED for the Heat, that's how far down the Bulls were. Yet, perhaps the worst moment in the game came when Bulls guard Marquis Teague tipped a ball into his own basket.

Now, the basketball equivalent to a own goal wasn't so bad. After all, accidents happen and clearly this was a crazy play that will happen once in a blue moon. The sad part about it is that, by scoring one field goal for the wrong team, Marquis Teague only finished ten made field goals short of matching the entire Bulls starting lineup.

By accidentally tipping the ball into the wrong basket, Marquis Teague was responsible for more shots going into a basket than Nate Robinson last night. Nate Robinson took 12 field goal attempts last night and made zero of them.

After stealing Game one of this series, the Bulls have fallen apart, and now face a 3-1 deficit in the best of seven. Game five will be in Miami, and should be the end of the Chicago Bulls' season. After a game like this one, that may be the best thing for everyone involved.

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