When you talk about the best players in the NBA, San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker rarely comes to mind due to the fact that he plays in a small market. However, shots like the one he hit to clinch Game One of the NBA Finals are great reminders that he is one of the league's best talents.

In a game that was marked by beautiful ball movement, Parker ironically sealed the game on a disjointed possession that saw him fall to his knees before getting up and hitting a prayer off of the glass, just separating his fingertips from the ball before the shot clock expired.

After the game, we heard criticisms of LeBron James' killer instinct, Chris Bosh's masculinity, and Dwyane Wade's overall ability.

But this game was not lost by Miami, it was won by San Antonio with great ball pressure in the fourth quarter that led to five Heat turnovers. It was won by a team that only turned the ball over four times, all of which were in the first half.

And, perhaps most importantly, it was won on a clutch shot from one of the game's best players, whether he is regarded as such or not.

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